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BB/CC Utility Ply

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BB/CC Exterior Grade Utility Plywood


Applications Wall and ceiling linings, furniture, partitions, movie sets, signs, packaging, cubby houses, horse stable and float fitouts, letter boxes, shelving
Standard EN 13986
Grade B face / C back, ‘A’ Bond
Sheet Size 2440 x 1220 mm
Thickness (Sheets/pack) 6mm(145) 9mm(95) 12mm(70) 15mm(55) 18mm(45)


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BB/CC hardwood ply is a very popular feature plywood choice for applications where the appearance of the face is important, but the back is less important. For example furniture, signs, movie sets, feature walls.

The faces have been sanded to make staining or painting easier, noting that as a natural product, colour variations will exist between sheets. The colour may range from a dark red to light blonde in appearance.

Manufactured using an ‘A’ bond resin, BB/CC is suitable for a range of applications involving some external exposure.  It is recommended though that for applications involving long term full exposure, the panel is treated and sealed against fungal and termite attack with a recognised H3 treatment and finished with a paint or water repellent to minimise surface checking.

Whilst BB/CC is a non-structural plywood, being manufactured from 100% hardwood, the product is quite naturally durable and strong.

The BB face may at times have small filled and sanded imperfections.