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Bendy Plywood

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Bendy Plywood


Applications Shop Fitting
Ceiling linings
Movie and Theatre sets
Interior door skins
Grade B face / D back; Interior ‘C’ Bond
Sheet Size 2440 x 1220 Long Grain
2440 x 1220 Cross Grain
Thickness 5mm,  8mm


Sheet Coverage – 2.9768 m2
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Branch out, you don’t always have to walk the straight line! Bendy Ply is a unique plywood sheet.

It has the ability to curve and bend around a very tight radius and bring to life your decorative ideas.

The versatility of Bendy Ply leads to it being widely used in a range of applications such as reception counters, columns and feature displays.

The high grade face is cut in two directions to give you the option of a long or short grain. Both are ideal for clear finishing or painting. Bendy ply is also suitable for overlaying with a natural timber veneer.

Bendy ply is interior non-structural plywood. It is not suitable for structural and wet area applications.