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BS1088 Marine Ply

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BS1088 Marine Plywood

Utilising high quality hardwood veneers, the Samling marine plywood is a superior plywood panel with negligible splits or knots produced in accordance with the international standard BS 1088.

Manufactured using an A-grade sanded face on both sides of the panel, Samling BS1088 marine ply is an ideal choice where surface decoration or appearance is a primary consideration.

BS 1088 marine plywood is produced with an A bond/ WBP glue line and untreated tropical hardwood veneers.

Whilst the A/WBP bond performs better in humid and wet conditions and resists delaminating, if you intend to use the product externally or in applications exposed to prolonged moisture, it is recommended the panel is treated and sealed against fungal and termite attack with a recognised H3 treatment and finished with a paint or water repellent to minimise surface checking.

No marine species are naturally durable in water and preservative treatment of marine plywood used in exposed marine environments is a necessity.

Applications Boat hulls
Aircraft construction
Commercial & Residential fit-outs
Standard BS 1088
Grade A face / A back – Sanded both sides; ‘A’ Bond resin
Sheet Size 2440 x 1200mm
Thickness (Sheets/pack)  6mm(145) 9mm(95) 12mm(70) 15mm(55) 18mm(45) 22mm(38) 25mm(33)


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