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Cypress Decking

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Cypress Decking


Visually stress graded, a suitable choice for use in decks and pergolas. Often preferred by builders for its strength, flex and cost qualities. Refer to appropriate span tables for load capacity and spanning ability, these will indicate what end sections can span over a set length, at a specific spacing.

Variations in Timber

Timber is a spectacular and versatile natural material. It yields a vast degree of variety in colour, texture and naturally occurring feature. This diversity can be apparent even between pieces selected from batches of the same species. Finishing can also effect variation in colour and may even highlight subsurface feature.

Cypress Pine decking is R/L 0.9 and longer

NOTE:  Please confirm availability before specifying or ordering.

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Cypress is an economical and sustainable softwood timber

The highly durable species is naturally termite resistant making it ideal for building and construction applications such as cladding, fencing and landscaping, while the features of Cypress timber creates an appealing and unmistakable flooring product.