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DPR KD F/J Pre-Primed Radiata Pine Clears

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DPR KD F/J Pre-Primed Radiata Pine

The mouldings are manufactured from sustainable plantation grown Radiata Pine. A timber species that is lightweight yet strong and durable, making it very easy to work with.

Any natural knotty character or imperfections are removed and then a finger jointed process is implemented. These mouldings are given a surface sanding to smooth out finger jointed joins or raised gains, then two coats of white primer is applied producing a quality finish.

Fixing Installation Guide

Prior to installation, store the mouldings inside the room you intend to install, so they can acclimatise to the environment. Keep DRY and off the ground, as mouldings may take in moisture over time. Keep mouldings stacked flat to avoid bending.

When handling moulding make sure, you wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE); gloves, safety glasses, respiratory protection equipment and your workspace is well ventilated.

When cutting mouldings to length with a power or hand held saw, use sharp saw blades to prevent jagged edges. If required to use a chisel, ensure that the tool is sharp and well maintained. Recommend you prime and seal saw cuts to stop moisture intake.

To make certain that the installation of mouldings is secure, it is strongly recommended you install using both nail and construction adhesive glue. If using a nail gun you want the nail to be slightly below the moulding surface. To avoid the nail shooting too deep, you will need to make adjustments to suit moulding thickness. Fill nail holes with a quality wood filler.

To prep mouldings before painting, give them a slight sand for an even coat and wipe over to remove any dust or residue. Then you are ready to paint on your top coat, one or two coats may be required.

Dispose mouldings,  at a permitted landfill facility in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. It is a good idea to keep some unused offcuts for any unforeseen repairs.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of advice given, Woodpay Pty Ltd cannot accept, liability for loss or damage arising from the use of the information supplied.