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Non-Structural Plywood

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Non-Structural Pine Plywood (CD)


Applications Hoardings & barricades
Cabinetry and shelving
Dog kennels
Pallets, Crates & boxes
Strip flooring underlay
Wall and ceiling linings
Grade C face / D back (unsanded); ‘A’ Bond;
Formaldehyde <0.3ppm (SEO)
Sheet Size 2400mm x 1200mm
Sheet Coverage 2.88 m2
Thickness 7mm – 25mm


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Non-structural plywood is an economical plywood sheet from hoardings to furniture and wall linings.

Made with an A bond glueline to give it durability and performance. Non-structural ply is well suited to painting or staining.

Non-Structural ply is commonly used as an untreated panel, but can also be supplied in treated variants such as H2-S, H2 or H3 when required for long term outdoor use.

Whilst having some properties in common with structural plywood, non-structural ply is neither manufactured to or tested against Australian Standards and carries no F rating. Therefore it is important that non-structural ply is only used in non-structural or non-load bearing applications.

Whilst versatile in its use, non-structural plywood is manufactured to be a low cost plywood panel and as such the face veneer may have some puttied splits and knotholes.